Convenient & Inexpensive Videos that Help Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Mi-Stories™ are videos that can be viewed on an iPod or DVD, designed to help individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The videos present models of behavior and language skills that are appropriate in specific situations. *****Mi-Stories™ is now available as a free App in the apple App store! Download your app today!!!*****

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New Year and New Videos!

 Four new videos are now available on transition to college. They were developed with support from Dow Corporation Foundation and the Lindback Foundation. Preview the new videos! Read More

The Roots of KenCrest

KenCrest was founded by Sister Maria Roeck, a Lutheran deaconess, in the mill district of Philadelphia in 1905 under the name of “Kensington Dispensary.” Within five years the organization opened a “River Crest Division” in nearby Mont Clare, Pennsylvania. The original mission of the organization was the treatment of tuberculosis. In 1955 the agency redirected […] Read More